From the wood of a small tree in Myanmar, Thanaka has been used for over 2000 years by Burmese people to protect and beutify skin. Pulverized on a stone slab and mixed with water to form a paste, this natural cosmetic is most commonly applied topically. It is here where Thanaka begins to work it’s magic.

By examining local tradition and applying them to modern necessities, we are developing a premium natural solution to boost up your skin condition.

Why Thanaka as our main ingredient?

Sun Protection

It is no secret that in South East Asia during hot season the sun exposure is intense. To protect the skin from harsh environment burmese used this powder as a natural and alternative solution to sunblock.


Thanaka contains high amount of natural Vitamin E. It acts as an antioxidant that will protect your skin against free radical, moisturise and keep your skin hydrated.

Anti Inflammatory Activity

Having both coumarin and marmesin as its main active compound which have been clinically proven to have some anti acne activities, anti inflammatory and anti aging properties which makes this powder a suitable candidates to be used by those people with skin problem. Thanaka effectively removed dead skin cell and controlling excessive facial oil.