Original Powder

Thanaka powder is a miracle cure for acne and uneven skin. Our thanaka Malaysia is a premium quality thanaka powder which are harvested from matured thanaka trees bark. The powder is ground on a stone until its very fine.

A study conducted by the University of London & University in Bangkok, thanaka bark is highly anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and absorbs UV rays. It inhibit tyrosinase enzyme that trigger melanin synthesis and affects skin discoloration – hence even skintone.


How to use it ?

Simple and easy.

Step 1 : Mix 1 spoonful of thanaka powder with water. (For general application, use more water and lighter paste | For spot treatment use thicker paste.)

Step 2 : You can mix it with honey, lemon or eggs to enhance the brightening effects.

Step 3 : Apply on face and leave it dry for 20 minutes.

Step 4 : Rinse off with warm water followed by splash of cold water.